Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend report

You use black in your paintings with magnificent effect, flag pizza, she texted me her phone number – awesome, photographed that retched public art outside Penn Station (I’ve often wondered if first time visitors step off the train, look up at that sculpture, immediately turn around, and go home), short story for HTML Giant’s writer’s under 30, I made my editor cry, I have a hell of a lot of work to do on the novel, new skillet, Ravens did it, early night, more work on that story, seven question for the audience of the BMA (If our country was invaded by a foreign government and Baltimore's police force dissolved, what artwork would you save from looters if you could save only one?) The Urbanite is out of money -- done by the summer?, double feature with Beckett, Clem, and Richard, McCabe and Miss Miller/Killing of a Chinese Bookie, “this town has parts?” three free drinks from three separate friends, Operation Ivy, Adam Robinson fully bleeds, WHY is my alarm going off? I couldn’t believe it was actually Monday.

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