Tuesday, January 20, 2009

(long) Weekend report

Wait, I'm on the Signal this week?, huh?, everything went swimmingly at the BMA, Bret McCabe saved my jacket, "here's the straight dope", Fesperman had a tall order and nails it, Michael Kimball saves me from laughing out loud, Olu is better than Slam, Phampersand, mom likes David Byrne, mom saves me from excess heat loss, dad fixed: door nob, kitkat clock, and the Cable, Obama in Baltimore, put down the fucking chips! a heated game of Scrabble, dad doesn't understand Robert Todd, met my editor (Christy Whipple) for the first time, the Shawna connection, Burn After Reading, free PBR, my Metalhead Lolita - you can do whatever you want, Baghdad ER, LB text mess: Falcons dive to pick up pieces of my heart from the floor, hours left... BYE BYE BUSH!

The Signal:

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