Thursday, January 22, 2009

critical viewing

Here's a linked up list of some amazing (to pretty good... to just ok) Iraq related documentaries and films. They are somewhat ordered from most to least favorite:

Iraq in Fragments
The Dream of Sparrows
Inside Iraq: The Untold Story
The War Tapes
Voices of Iraq
War Feels Like War
Occupation: Dreamland
The Prisoner or: How i Planned to Kill Tony Blair
Battle for Haditha
Generation Kill
Gunner Palace
Standard Operating Procedure

Making Of
Baghdad ER
The Ground Truth
Taxi to the Dark Side
Marooned in Iraq
The Soldier's Tale
Heavy Metal in Baghdad
In the Valley of Elah
Home of the Brave
Redacted (nearly a complete failure)

and I had to include:
The Road to Guantanamo (Afghanistan related)

in the queue:
My Country, My Country
The Blood of My Brother
G.I. Jesus


Tony Christini said...

Best Iraq war fiction film I've seen by far is GI Jesus. Others linked and listed, with additional commentary, at

Justin Sirois said...

Thank you, sir. I'm going to check that out as soon as I can.