Wednesday, January 7, 2009

book design for PLUMMET - Chris Nealon, Edge Books

Chris Nealon and I are finishing up the edits right now and I think his new Edge Book will be out in the next few weeks. Stephen Weiss took the photo of Liliane Lijn's Waveguide for the cover.

Lured by a great position at JHU, Chris recently moved to the area from Berkeley where he was also teaching. We're very luck to have him in the Baltimore/DC area.

Best line in modern poetry:

"I am not gay, I am from the future!"


Adam R. said...

Oh my holy shit that cover is exquisite.

Justin Sirois said...

thank you, Pub G.
hope to see you this weekend!

jamiegp said...

totally giving the cover of his last book a run for its money (and that was a dope cover)