Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend report

Free printer from Sweetney, Jeff Goldblum drunk, shrimp and grits, the sweetest deaf man in the world finds the video game I was searching for at Bust Buy – he’s too big to hug, World at War, Narrow House dinner party preparations, Keyhole (handwritten awesome issue), Rupert’s release party, Michael Kimball will smash you, Sweatpants! carolers getting it all wrong right, free cinnamon and sugar crepe, Selda, you're still crazy cute, Baltimore has too many multipurpose spaces, awkward story, chilly cock, 1080 degree turn on 83 (smashed bumper, but little damage), Bassie's party shirt, Normal’s Christmas show, Dan Higgs – Baltimore's gentle shaman.

1 comment:

Wignami said...

Thanks for the plug. Daniel was far from gentle, even perhaps a bit frightening, when he was laughing maniacally.