Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend report

Hawaiian pizza is the best pizza, Punky Brewster works nightshift at Mc Donald’s, overextended, overworked, overcome, collage for Rupert’s Pub-Gen. book, only six to a lift, The Wilderness, Michael Kimball drinks Evan Williams, Adam Robinson will bet anything, Jamie Gaughran-Perez dances, Nam Kang, Penny Allen’s A Soldier’s Tale, no UPS on Saturday, Citigroup saved, new roommate bailed, bread bowl, buckets of crab dip, Thanksgiving: round one, your cat ate what? True Blood, a message from Haneen; no Baywatch on Iraqi (Nilesat/Arabsat) satellite TV. (see comments for extended chapters).

1 comment:

Michael Kimball said...

Jamie Gaughran-Perez shares Lemonheads, Justin Sirois drives down an alley to avoid a murder scene. Adam Robinson cigarette burns in his shirt.