Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend report

cough-cough, Gears of War 2 is frighteningly big - co-op with Greg Magliacane, “poppin champagne for barack campaign”, Los Solos: most so-so's, Bret McCabe’s HOT NIGHT, heaven is a pub, eats and eats and eats, intestinal fallout from Bret McCabe’s HOT NIGHT, Grandma Peach’s best baked mac and cheese recipe; thank you Beckett, Dudekowski is a big baby, Dudekowski gives himself a concussion, Godless heathen cocksucking charlatans!, Grandma’s brownies (reoccurring theme), Gears of War 2 is frighteningly cliché; creepy euthanasia, canned dialogue, obtuse ending.

*Like me, the developers of Gears listened to Bolt Thrower for months on end in Middle School. I didn't realize that album is so bitchin' it requires a subtitle.

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