Wednesday, November 5, 2008

“then they all went back to teaching their workshops”

Found a nice package from a foreign land in my mailbox yesterday. Inside that package was T=I=D=Y LANGUAGE by Daniel F Bradley (Outlands 2008).

Bradley, headmaster of the blog F-Hole, is an agitator from the North Country where healthcare is free and the financial crisis was magically dispelled by goodwill. He’s also extremely funny.

I won’t pretend to review this book because I’m not very good at describing poetry. I will say that it’s an aggressively fun and crass read; the book kinda throttles you by the throat and only gives you a second to suck air between stanzas. It doesn’t even have time for titles. Aren’t titles a bummer anyway? They spoil everything.

The design is classic. It looks and feels like a Black Sparrow edition and the minimal approach helps isolate and catapult the poem-onslaught against the anti-establishment poetry establishment that’s no longer the anti-establishment because they got old and/or boring. And you know, I'm all about that. It's nice to see "copyrot" on the copyright page too – well played.

I say, check it
out. - * -

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