Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a poem

or, the invisible sink

the bathroom is a week away from terraformation; one day we’ll
be carousing with wildlife on Adirondacks of linens, bowhunting
exfoliants & tucking their wet pelts in our billfolds –
splendid, really; can’t wait – doubt is just a symptom of over-
stimulus – over-stimulus is a luxury & a weapon – a weapon is
what amends when our flavor crystals coalesce, believe it

let’s sex this bathroom until the bathroom aint no room for
bathing anymore – a settlement, a sometimes, an invisible sink

about that invisible sink – we can’t afford it right now, sorry

you straddle the arm of the couch & buck your nation state until
microfibers flood liquidity & foreclose – these renovations will
never get done if you keep that up, darlin – remember when I
followed you to the end of the parking garage & told you the
easiest way to kill me? Don’t ever do that

it would kill me

don’t doubt our diligence, there’s a flaming Winnebago in all of
us – insurance burned is insurance enough

1 comment:

bender said...

i want to tattoo 'you straddle the arm of the couch & buck your nation state' onto my inner thigh.