Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend report

Los Solos, $200 for a poem (BMA), heavy revisions to Falcons on the Floor (first chapter), Ridgemont Reserve, Adam Robinson's amazing manuscript, Taxi to the Dark Side, Jesse Sue’s going away, him, “oh, I like your Keffiyeh” – her, “I was never really good at Spanish” – him, “ah”, two cigars, who really cares about football?, Lauren Bender’s mother gave me an old PBR mug, Lauren Bender’s father punched me in the ribs three times; we ate an apple, Talisker 10, shrimp and risotto and squash, Mad Men, Muslim Massacre (the game), Issue One*, wolf spiders jump.

*the most elaborate one liner in poem history i.e.; not worth it:

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