Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Facebook - Poets Widget malarkey

I didn’t think Facebook widgets could get any more ridiculous. Now, if you accept the Poets Widget, you can “gift” poets to other Facebook participants. What makes it weirder is that kari edwards is included in the lineup of “gifts” – and the portrait used in the new application was taken by me at the ie series reading at Clayton and Company in 2006, the year that she died.

What am I supposed to do? Give the gift of kari edwards to a fellow poet friend (lets say Rod Smith) in hopes that the give me Jack Spicer in return? Then Rod gives Silliman to Raworth... and who in my roster deserves Whitman? Even if the intentions are wholesome, the thing feels a bit gross and self congratulatory (more than usual I mean).


dfb said...

imagine being gifted silliman --- that would be really bad

Justin Sirois said...

I'm going to restrain myself from the cornucopia of jokes farting in my mellon.




Buck said...

dude the capcha I got was PREFRO. That's so much better than what I was going to post.

Justin Sirois said...


Adam R. said...