Thursday, October 23, 2008

Further ruminations on Cookie Puss

Cookie Puss is a character created by
Carvel in the 1970s as an expansion of its line of ice cream cake characters freshly made and sold only in its stores, which also includes Hug-Me Bear and Fudgie the Whale. According to Carvel lore, Cookie Puss is a space alien (his original name was "Celestial Person" and his initials, "C.P.", later came to stand for "Cookie Puss") who was born on planet Birthday. In his television commercials, Cookie Puss has the ability to fly, though he requires a saucer-shaped spacecraft for interplanetary travel.


How do you go from Celestial Person to space alien to bug-eyed Frenchman who looks like he just came up for air after a full hour of vigorous salad tossing?


Mother, “Oh honey, I’m running late and won’t have time to bake Janet a proper Birthday cake!”

Father, “No biggie! I’ll drop by Carvel and pick up a Cookie Puss – we can drop it on the floor a few times and make it look like ET.”

Mother, “Oh, you're a gem! She loves ET!”

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