Thursday, September 25, 2008

who gets your money

In light of all the turmoil in the financial markets and our historic conversion to soft Socialism, I thought I’d pull out my trusty Who Gets Your Money chart and point out, with my flabbergasted pixel finger, that Morgan receives nearly ALL revenue from collars. That’s right, Americans. The profits from every single collar you buy in the good ole US of A go straight to Morgan – I’m assuming this chart was drafted before he met Stanley who later convinced his colleague to sell not only the collar, but the rest of the fabric underneath (the shirt).


bender said...

wonder what B.R.T. is...and i heard that salmon canning really took a hit with this washington mutual blast.

Justin Sirois said...

Benzodrine fueled Rocket Tubes, DUH!
When a little known subsidiary of Rockerfeller Corp. discovered a way to use bennies as a propellant, they cornered the market and eventually sold the technology to the Germans for V2 rockets. As painfully ironic as the US stealing corn syrup science from the Japs post Hiroshima!

Ryan W. said...

I've been enjoying the carbide profits in particular. some people say money is money, but for me, it's always sweetest when it comes from selling carbide.

Justin Sirois said...

It was them carbide peddlin' doggerels that pushed me out of the sesquicarbides market in 88!
I never knew YOU were trading too!