Tuesday, September 23, 2008

moleskine - first Falcons on the Floor

I thought it might be nice to include this moleskine page as it illustrates the very first concepts for Falcons on the Floor – a story that originated from a man I saw struggle to carry an infant’s car seat through the parking lot at work. Something about the image struck me that day; it might’ve been the awkwardness of the man’s lope, how he sorta lumbered with the cumbersome seat.

That’s one of the few details written on this page that didn’t make it into the story – everything else: burning city, internet “dating site” (Facebook), mercenaries hung from bridge, crippled trucks, laptop and internet connection – all made it in.

On the opposite page, sketches for the Grope Group website show the massaging hands I ended up implementing. Notes about weddings, a speeding ticket, NYC friends, and a compliment from Patrice take up the rest of the “composition”. Yeah, that deserves quotations.

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