Wednesday, September 17, 2008

logo design for copilot (NYC)

For the past few weeks, in collaboration with Jamie GP and the two men of Copilot, I reworked and sketched and redesigned a logo for their new company. The brainchild of Ravi Krishnaswami and Jason Menkes, Copilot is an audio engineering outfit for television and film working out of NYC. The work has been a bit laborious, but, I have to admit, with a wee bit of pride, that the experience was both formative and kinda amazing; a lot of credit must go to Jamie for remotely facilitating the creative process.

This is the first time I’ve been given the opportunity to combine my draftsmanship and design work into one coherent piece – the outcome is as bazaar and unexpected as we hoped for.

I can’t wait to see this bird of prey on some trucker hats and messenger bags (I kid – kinda).

Here's the website:


mark wallace said...

Cool to visit your blog, Justin. Wow, do I ever wish that you'd been around to work on a poster about a recent reading of mine. It's kind of a shame to see a poster of yourself and say "I better take that down before somebody sees it."

Justin Sirois said...

Ah! This is why you need to come back to the Capital, sir. OR – ask Rod to have me design your next Edge Book. I recently finished Cathy Eisenhower’s and will begin work on Chris Nealon’s this month. I’ll post the designs here when they are published.