Thursday, September 18, 2008

cover design for clearing with reversal

I believe Cathy Eisenhower's new full length by Edge Books will be out very soon -- probably within the next few weeks. I thought you guys might want a sneak peek ('cause like, exclusive content is always good for a blog) . This is the wrap around cover, mind you, and I didn't want to make the jpg too large therefore spoiling the blurbs by Doug Lang and Cole Swensen.

Using Cathy's very minimal photo, I played around with the text until the reversal in the circle became reversed -- kinda -- and then the rest of the layout followed the circle's composition. Hopefully it will look just as vibrant in print, but we all know of RGB's deceitful side.
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kevin.thurston said...

RGB's deceitful side
KGB's deceitful side

cover is nicey nice


Justin Sirois said...

thanks, brah!

hope Korean is dandy -- I've been checking out your posts, but there are SO MANY WORDS.

bender said...

ooooh, mama liiiiike