Thursday, May 22, 2014

So Say the Waiters update / TV option / audio book / box set

Wow, haven't posted here in a while. So, big updates. Firstly, the audio book is 2/3s finished. Midnight Treehouse in NYC is producing the entire series and I couldn't be happier. It's really weird hearing a narrator bring all of these (8-10?) characters to life. After listening to about twelve hours, I'm absolutely convinced that Pete, the narrator, is the best guy for the job.  
Book three is finished and with my editor. I never imaged I would ever write a 900 page novel, but there it is. I'm planning on publishing the last book of the series, book three, this summer.
Nolen Strals of Post Typography is drawing illustrations for the three covers which will essentially rebrand the entire series. That's exciting for a number of reasons. 1. I never loved the covers I designed. Book two looks pretty cool with the twisted tire, but people who aren't familiar with the series have no idea what it means. 2. Nolen is an old friend from college and a local Baltimore punk / graphic design hero. He's perfect for the job. Plus, his old band is mentioned in book three.
This brings us to the box set. All three books, now that they will be rebranded, will make a nice box set. I'm trying to figure out how to package them together in an inexpensive way. A zip-tie binding all three together? I don't know. No matter what, when all three books are lined up, they will look awesome.
Lastly, and this is the big one, I finally signed the final, final draft of the option. Word is, my producer has another high profile producer/actor on board, but I can't name who it is yet. This positions us to pitch to major cable networks with a good chance at filming the pilot. Keep checking the So Say the Waiters Facebook page for more info. We are already talking about who will make the best Dani and Henry.  

I'm also keeping the price of book one really low to get new readers into the series. Spread the link around if you have a second.