Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Did the movie Take Me by Pat Healy and Mike Makowsky kidnap my kidnap plot?

A lot of people on Facebook are asking what the deal is with the new movie Take Me. Some fans actually think I was involved with the production. I was not, in any way, involved with this film. This post is meant to clarify that I do not know anyone involved with the film Take Me.

Don't read this if you haven't read So Say the Waiters or watched the new movie Take Me.

Take a guess what plot this is for.

A simulated kidnap company based in LA offers both kinky thrills and therapeutic abductions. Company is also web-based (and IRL users can email fictional kidnapper on the company's website). There are two main characters: male kidnapper and female kidnappee. Newly-separated male kidnapper takes attractive female who turns the tables on him--the kidnap isn't what it seems! A sexual tension builds. Bungled kidnapping gone wrong! This female character is smarter than the kidnapper; she's in control; she's running the show. And low and behold, there are more kidnappers out there, working in different cities. In an ironic flip, the owner of the kidnap company is kidnapped. And then, in the surprise plot twist ending, the female main character offers to team up with male kidnapper to make his business more successful, also setting narrative up for expansion.

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